So what’s this all about?

Well this is a diary which i should have started a few months ago, this my story.

There is nothing like going through the family courts and there is nobody other than another Father who can appreciate how it feels.  It feels bad, and it feels bad in ways which you never thought were possible. It’s pain and suffering without end in sight.  A constant mental test of endurance to see whether you will crack.  And you know what?  I wont, all the shit thats getting thrown my way from the Ex under guidance from her Family Magistrate Father (Yes thats right her Dad is a Magistrate at the family court I was first meant to attend) and her Solicitor is just a test to see if I will loose it, to see if I will go round there and kick off, do something stupid and totally ruin my chances of being a Dad.  You’ll see as this blog progresses what kind of tricks they are trying to pull.  What kind of a woman uses a child as weapon?

Every day a new horror, some new test to see whether I will simply not give up being a Dad, well I have a message for you,



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