The Relationship

Basically it was awful, when we first split I admit I was a bit upset, not gutted. More disappointed that we both didn’t try a bit harder to make it work. The only reason for this is our Daughter she really is amazing and I honestly never imagined something would touch me as much as she has. I’d die for her, but we didn’t try our hardest to make it work. This confused and upset me.

Looking back on the relationship now it really was a game of keeping the Ex happy. The easiest way to do this was just to do everything she wanted. It was just a lot easier than the inevitable feet stomping, door slamming antics that would follow until I gave in.

Most disagreements were based around issues regarding her horrid parents, they really are scum of the earth. I don’t mean they are what you would normally associate with scum, you know the usual stereotype, White dole scroungers without any respect whatsoever. These people are on a totally different level. The control they have over their children is horrendous. The pressure they put in them to do what they wanted was immense.  Their control over the Ex will have a direct effect on my Laura, this worries me, but I’m powerless.

It’s just one of the hits I’ve got to take, hopefully my Daughter will soon grow up and see what they are like.


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