25th July 2011 The row which ended it.

We had a big row today, it all stemmed from X wanting to go away.  I didn’t have a problem with this, the only thing I had problems with was being told at the last minute.  Most of our rows came from lack of communication, we have been going to Relate and this was the problem that was pinpointed out to us.  All X had to do was tell me things in advance and likewise with me.  X had planned on going away for a family trip with the horrid 2 and this wasn’t a problem, then her Sister dumped her BF again and there was an opportunity for X to go abroad for a week.  She was more than happy to deprive the little un of a holiday so she could go away.

I arranged everything so it was possible for them to do it, such as alternative arrangements to get little un to day care, asking family members if they would change there plans for the week to accommodate X’s plans for the week.  Such as brothers arranging someone else to drop their children off at school cause my Mom who normally did it would be taking my Daughter to daycare.

As the time grew closer X and her sister still hadn’t sorted out flights and I didn’t want my family to arrange stuff unnecessarily.  I asked but got no answers, I got accused of hassling the X’s sister about making a decision after sending her one text about it.

Five days before they were due to go 25th July.

Im chatting to the then Girlfriend about stuff, I’m at work so just one of those BF/GF chats.  Then she says she’s not going abroad and she’s taking Daughter away for the week, I’m a bit pissed off because yet again I’m being told stuff at the last minute.  I said I’ll be back in half hour (Early finish) so we could chat about it then, she hangs up then immediately sends a text saying she’s going to her brothers quoting “Is that a problem”.  Well you know what?  Now it is a problem not only is she telling me stuff at the last minute again, she’s being rude about it and going out when she know’s I’m due home imminently.  I love finishing work early and spending time with my Daughter it’s now what I live for I absolutely love spending time with her.

Anyway I get home and she’s gone, I call and she doesn’t answer, I text no reply.  It’s 12:30 and I try throughout the afternoon and nothing.  I get a bit worried and decide to drive to her sisters, I get there and her cars there, her sisters car and her brothers car.  I look over the fence and my daughters outside alone, I knock the front door no answer, then her stoner brother comes to the door and tells me to calm fucking down.  I tell him to get my Daughter he stands the other side of the porch for a mo then goes into the house.  He comes into the porch holding my daughter and then I notice how fucking stoned he looks, he’s a drug user and then I’m freaking out a bit.  I no longer want him holding my daughter reeking of cannabis I want her.  I raise my voice and he gives her too me.  I get into my car and wait for my Mom to turn up with the spare car seat (I’d called when I arrived at the house) So I sit in the car with my Daughter on the passenger seat and then the X freaks the fuck out.  OK if she thought I was actually going to drive off with my daughter then she had a point but I wasn’t.  In the end I got her car keys and she had my car and I left.

I stayed at my Moms that night and haven’t been back.  I apologised to her sister about causing a scene outside her house and she was cool.  She replied “It’s Ok, don’t think I hate you.x”


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