8th Sept 2011

More texts and emails about cancelling my day with daughter on 19th Sept 2011, she’s now saying I’ve never told her that I was having the day off.

We talk about going to Mediation, then she refuses to return my stuff, she refuses to let me get my photos and info off the home iMac.

Then there’s an issue, X has booked mediation and I’m quite excited about this as I think that this will help us get past the problems we are having at the moment.

I get in the car when X picks up daughter and pick up her handbag and phone that are on the front passenger seat so I can sit down and talk about Mediation.  She tells me to get out her car!!  I get out and as I moved the bag and phone when I stand up I’m still holding them.  She screams at me with the little un in the back of the car to return her stuff.  I hadn’t even taken it all I’d done is stand up. I give her bag back and walk to the house, I’m wearing one of my hoodies and my hands are in the front pocket and I’m holding a phone.  We both have identical phones with identical cases, anyway I get into the house and see my phone on the arm of a chair and then it dawns on me that I have the X’s phone.  I go outside and flag her down and give her phone back, she’s screaming at me about nicking her stuff.  I just walk off.


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