8th Sept 2011

More texts and emails about cancelling my day with daughter on 19th Sept 2011, she’s now saying I’ve never told her that I was having the day off.

We talk about going to Mediation, then she refuses to return my stuff, she refuses to let me get my photos and info off the home iMac.

Then there’s an issue, X has booked mediation and I’m quite excited about this as I think that this will help us get past the problems we are having at the moment.

I get in the car when X picks up daughter and pick up her handbag and phone that are on the front passenger seat so I can sit down and talk about Mediation.  She tells me to get out her car!!  I get out and as I moved the bag and phone when I stand up I’m still holding them.  She screams at me with the little un in the back of the car to return her stuff.  I hadn’t even taken it all I’d done is stand up. I give her bag back and walk to the house, I’m wearing one of my hoodies and my hands are in the front pocket and I’m holding a phone.  We both have identical phones with identical cases, anyway I get into the house and see my phone on the arm of a chair and then it dawns on me that I have the X’s phone.  I go outside and flag her down and give her phone back, she’s screaming at me about nicking her stuff.  I just walk off.


7th Sept 2011

Text off X saying little un has moved up a year in daycare.  This eliminates the reasons she has for little missing the Monday after her birthday.

6th Sept 2011

Texts off X saying daughter (2 years old) should attend daycare on the Monday after her birthday as it will disrupt her routine.  Texts saying I manipulated the weekends off so I would have little un on her birthday.  (Bear in mind that it was the X who asked for an extra week away and this forces the weekends to change)

Snotty text about little un not missing day care.

X texts admitting that overreacting when she mentions manipulating.

X wants me to cancel days holiday on Mon 19th Sept 2011

Another text saying if I dont agree she’s taking me to court.

5th Sept 2011

Day care centre closed so I’ve had the day off to look after her.  X actually say my contact rota looks good,


Every other weekend Friday afternoon-Sunday evening.

Week 1 Tuesday and Thursday evenings day care till 7.

Week 2 Monday and Wednesday evenings day care till 7.

The reason I suggest the change of days is so little un and I admit me also doesn’t have too long without seeing each other. (The reason I said I admit it is because In the whole family court process you cant say that anythings about your feelings for your child, it has to be your childs feelings towards you)  Bull isnt it….

We also discuss her upcoming 2nd birthday, as it’s my weekend of contact I have her on the Sunday morning.  We agree on I drop her off at 14:00 X from 14:00 to 18:00 as I’m having her overnight because I have the day off after and I want to take her for a birthday treat to the Zoo.  This does not go down well.

I invite X over for birthday breakfast and dinner so she can spend time with her on her birthday.

I go to X’s house to drop off little un and her asshole Dad is there, I turn round and go home and ask X to collect daughter as I want nothing to do with that man.  This causes issues

4th Sept 2011

More talk about Rota, call about Rota….X hangs up.

More threats of court action, text saying if we went to court I’d only see daughter when X said so.

I went to collect bikes from house, we talked about rota, I said “It’s not like I’m asking for her overnight midweek!”  She screamed “Your never having her overnight”  I left….X pointed to herself when I was driving off and mouthed “I’m taking you to court”

More texts about court….X starts dictating when I can see daughter.


3rd Sept 2011

X calls in morning, she’s deleted her photo library and wants to know what to do.  I try and explain but she doesnt understand.  I go to the house to sort it out as I need more PJ’s for little un as we are going away for the night to see friends.

I’m an idiot for doing this but when the transfer of the photos was taking place and it said it was going to take 45 mins, I asked for a bonus!!!.  She kissed me passionately then went to the bedroom, I made sure the transfer was going ok then joined her in the bedroom.  She was naked on the bed…….she said “If i get pregnant I’m having an abortion”

After……she said “I’ve given you the wrong idea now haven’t I?”

I left, I spent the evening with friends down south they loved the little un, X texted throughout the night.

2nd Sept 2011

More texts about threats of court action, I told X I would be taking little un away in October half term.