1st Sept 2011

Texts off X saying she wants relationship to work, we start discussing the contact rota.  I suggest a 2 week rota, then I get an email saying if I dont agree to her rota she will take me to court and as the courts always side with the mother then I will end up with less time.

Needless to say I’m confused about the sudden turn around.


29th Aug 2011

X goes away again.

28th Aug 2011

Take little un swimming, then we go to the park she loves it.  It’s my perfect Sunday.  Went to X’s for dinner.

27th Aug 2011

I get Villa v Wolves tickets for free, I ask X if she’d like to have Daughter for a couple of hours while I went.  I could have said nothing and my Mom could have had some fun but this is how I think things should be.  She takes daughter to great grandparents.

26th Aug 2011

I collect Daughter as I have her for the week….yay!

24th Aug 2011

X texts to say she’s being over sensitive to things, went over for dinner X picked me up so I could have a drink.

23rd Aug 2011

X drops daughter off, we go to the park I then return Daughter and bathe and put her to bed.  Stayed at X’s for dinner we had a curry.  When I left she kissed me goodnight then sent a text saying “Sorry feeling very mixed emotions”