22nd Aug 2011

I ask X if I can stay in the house while she’s away for the extra week, she says no.  All I want to do is get my stuff together.


21 Aug 2011

Texts off X saying she can take Daughter away for 2 weeks a year wherever and whenever she wants, I remind her that this extra week would be the third week in as many months.

20th Aug 2011

Texts about X’s horrid Dad changing the locks on the house, I cant get my stuff.

19th Aug 2011

Texts about little uns Birthday gift, X asked if I would have Daughter when she went to collect her sister from airport on 25th Aug.

18th Aug 2011

Text and call of X, she’s asking if I minded her going back on holiday 29th Aug-2nd Sep 2011.  She said she would be back a day later than planned if i didn’t agree.  Signs of things to come?….. we text about the extra week.

Tues 16th Aug 2011

X goes away for the week with little un.

Monday 15th Aug 2011

I go to X’s on evening, I bathed daughter and put her to bed when X went to get fish and chips.